Don't even ask how I came to find these bad boys...

[unisex zentai suits- milanoo.com]

Naturally, I was curious.

So I turned to my trusty sidekick, Wikipedia, for what the hell you do with a 'Zentai suit'.


Skin tight suits that cover the entire body are commonly called zentai (from the Japanese ゼンタイ). This is either a contraction of zenshin taitsu (全身タイツ) ("full-body tights") or a direct translation of "full body" (全体 zentai). Zentai is most commonly made using nylon/spandex blends, but other materials such as cotton and wool are used as well.

Such suits were first developed for use in modern dance, but are now used in the arts to diminish the presence of an actor in a scene. In fact, in the traditional Japanese art of puppetry called bunraku the apprentice performers are completely covered in black garments against a black background to produce the same effect. Zentai is also used by artists as a medium to accentuate the body, sometimes making use of vibrant patterns. By making the performer anonymous, the performance of the body itself becomes the focus.

So there you go. Now you too can know The Truth about Zentai suits.

hmmmm good conversation starter...


Merry Happy


Kate Nash is one of my favorite British artists. She's pretty funny.
Reminds me a lot of Lily Allen. Except I love her more ;)
My best friend just gave me the full version of her song,
Merry Happy. It's 13minutes 12 seconds long.
If you have patience after the song is over,
wait until 6:07...
A whole new song starts and it's adorable.

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Some of my new pictures. Darker than my usual stuff.

"Be a streak of red against the gray. Do it young, don't let time slip away."
--Bob Geldof


The Invisible by Mats Wahl


It being summer, I began my annual tradition of entering my library
I go into a random section of the shelves;
Promise I'll read whatever I touch;
Close my eyes;
And select a book off the shelf.

I usually read the back covers (who doesn't), and, although many times they
have as little as possible about the book, I 'judge a book by it's cover'.
So when I picked out The Invisible,
I was actually interested,
and a little confused.
The back cover reads:

Stay with Fors...Stay with Fors and
maybe you'll find out why you've
become invisible.

Naturally, I judge.
Great. Sounds like an episode of Supernatural.
I open the front cover and see the author, Mats Wahl,
originally wrote the novel in what I want to say is Sweedish?
Der Unsichtbare=The Invisible
Oh joy...Sweedish...

I actually read the book and, although it was a little creepy and I, to be completely honest,
couldn't read it at night, I really liked it. Definitely recommend it
for an quick, different read. (It's only 186 pages.)

Several of the passages really caught me:

[Pg. 28-29]
Hilmer Eriksson [the victim] sat next to him [Fors, the detective]...He hadn't slipped
in through any of the car doors but had simply entered with Fors, whose thoughts were on him.
Hilmer didn't understand it. It was inconceivable.
But now he was so much in For's thoughts that he was next to Fors, was with Fors, following him and walking along besides him.

Yet he was invisible.
Except to you.
You can see him.
His ruined face.
What have they done to his face?
[Pg. 32-33]
And along with them, without their noticing, he was there, the invisible one, whose name was Hilmer Eriksson. He was in the car as Nilsson pulled onto the street; he was with them as they drove in silence along the main street toward the river and the trail.

The boy who is gone is still present.
No one is closer to us than the one who has disappeared.
We can hide things away.
But we can't forget.
[Pg. 65]
The nhe got up and put on his suit jacket. He apparently felt he needed to explain why. "I think I'm coming down with something. A cold, I feel a bit chilled. "He watched Fors, still leaning over his notes. "Tell me, what does all this have to do with the disappearance of Hilmer Eriksson?"

And neither of them saw Hilmer.
Bleeding on the floor.
Mouth stuffed full.
Rotting wet leaves.
On the floor, right in front of them.
[Pg. 89]

"But there are lots of boys who grow up without a father. Only a few go bad. It can't be just because they don't have a father. What do you think?" She looked expectantly at Fors.
"I don't know," he answered.
"But what do you think?"
She was desperate to be freed from her guilt.
"I really don't know," said Fors. He could only investigate, not liberate.
The liberator was someone else.

And the whole time they were speaking, Hilmer glided around the room. He moved silently along the walls; he was right there with them like odorless smoke.

He was the one who was missing.
He searched.
He whispered her name.
He cried her name.




Toms is a shoe brand derived from the Shoes for Tomorrow, a non-profit program that wants to provide shoes for the kids of South America.
Blake Mycoskie, a 30-year-old designer from California, created them after the Argentine's alpargatas, a kind of inexpensive, lightweight and comfortable shoes locally popular.
For each pair of Toms purchased, a pair is given to a child in need.

It’s the “two for one” technique put at a higher level. If you want to make a cool shoe purchase, think about this one.


Mary, Mary Quite Contrary


Mary is the girl after my own heart.
She was born two days after me,
And, Yes, we are meant to be.
Sweet. That just rhymed.
Here's her stuff:

Taken in either Phoenix, Balboa Island, or Catalina Island.
Copyright 2009 Mary Toman




I love him.
He finds beauty in the contrast and movement of everything around us.
Truly inspiring.