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Giorgio Armani
Emporio Fashion Show
Spring 2009 Collection


MILAN – Giorgio Armani, superb designer but also consummate business man, knows how to sell clothes.
In this moment of gloom and doom he offers what he calls "modest extravagance" — a combination of safe styles with a playful and witty twist.

His Thursday second line Emporio show Armani raised his hemlines and his heels.
An infinite series of little black dresses, mini skirts, and short shorts all worn with the new Armani knee socks and stewardess hats create a demure contemporary look.

Extravagance comes in the stitched-on jewelry, which can be draped across the hip like a chain or hung from the lapel of a jacket like a medal.

The color palette is very dark, starting with midnight black, which lifts into charcoal gray, carbon paper blue, and bottle green.

Velvet is the favorite fabric, underlined by the jet black velvet trousers Armani wore for his runway bow at the end of the show.


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