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Black or White? (As Simple As...)

I've already told you

"I don't know..."

And if you would've asked me again

I still wouldn't have known

such a simple question

as Black and White as could be

And what have I?

But to say "Black"

Or "White".

I can't settle for either

Black is where I've always been

And White is where I want to be

But not the shade it's in at the moment

What shade indeed do I really want?

I don't know...

Will I ever find it then?

Not in this lifetime


Black is where I belong

White is where you want me to

Sometimes I am so crazed

So blinded by the purity of it all

Sometimes I am disgusted

By the pale shadows

The sheer white that isn't so

Can I live my life

Forever choosing and embracing

Either and neither

Or do I wait for a dream

That may one day yet come true


In my dreams

I don't see colours at all

-Woei Hern


hernandez said...

thanks for liking my poetry!
god it's been a while.
maybe it's time to search for the muse once more

- woei hern

Ariane said...

Wow. I can't believe you found it!
I'm a big fan.
Don't let the muse die :)

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