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Toms is a shoe brand derived from the Shoes for Tomorrow, a non-profit program that wants to provide shoes for the kids of South America.
Blake Mycoskie, a 30-year-old designer from California, created them after the Argentine's alpargatas, a kind of inexpensive, lightweight and comfortable shoes locally popular.
For each pair of Toms purchased, a pair is given to a child in need.

It’s the “two for one” technique put at a higher level. If you want to make a cool shoe purchase, think about this one.


kelly.c.roberson said...

Are you retarded...?

Did you just find out about these??? I LOVE Toms.

I tried to apply to be an intern there for this summer but I missed the deadline. Crapper... Maybe next year!

Ariane said...

I am not and did not.

If that makes sense...?

But I just finally published my draft of this.
That would have been SAHHWEET.
I probably would have swindled you into getting me some. Yeah, definitely.

smileyface1625 said...

I'm in love with Toms!

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